About Us

Hart & SonsHart & Sons Landscape is a multi-generational family-owned landscape maintenance business serving the greater Seattle community since 1983. The passing of the company from one generation to the next has always been founded on a principle we hold very dear: quality and customer satisfaction above all else. This is one of the reasons we expanded our company from a lawn care one to a year-round full landscape maintenance one. Our mission is to turn every property into a lush, healthy, pleasing and valuable corner of Paradise so that each person can call it “home.”

Being so old in the business, we managed to grow together with it. Expectations and peoples’ tastes changed, horticulture, agriculture and outdoor architecture came together with newer and newer science-based developments, the community bloomed and homeowners set new standards of quality. We are happy to still be one of the companies to keep up with the pace and even stay ahead of our times. One such example is the fact that we offer free estimates using an online aerial photography tool to complete the land assessments performed by our experts.

Our Company’s Values

One cannot stay in business without a clear and well-definite set of values and long-term objectives. As ours are concerned, they revolve around three main cores we consider to be the greatest assets: our clients, our services and our employees.

  • We believe that only quality of service and attitude and doing our job within standards and at the highest level of excellence will keep us strong in our business.
  • We value reliability and consistency with customers expectations
  • We offer integrity in all our relationships (customers, business partners, employees), being truthful and upfront in all communications.
  • We believe that our employees should be given the opportunity to advance in position and income by education, patience, and hard work and that compensation should be directly related to job performance using bonuses and other incentives. They should be treated fairly and consistently thrive in a positive working environment.
  • We believe employees should be able to support themselves in this economy and have a job year round without fear of layoff.
  • We encourage employees to be positive with each other and management so we can all work together for the good of us all.

Our time-honored approach to lawn care and landscaping earned us an impeccable reputation and a growing pool of happy and returning customers. We are always willing to be put to the test and be given a run for our money. How? Call us and ask for a free estimate then sit back and enjoy your lush lawn and landscape, thriving before your eyes. If you are not 100% happy with our results, we will come back and redo the job for free!