Thinking of Hiring a Landscape Pro? What You Need to Know

Thinking-of-Hiring-a-Landscape-ProfessionalWhen you get home from a long day at work, what sounds better than spending some time with your family in you luxurious backyard with some burgers on the grill and a cold drink in your hand? That sounds a lot better than getting home from a long day and spending hours working in your backyard to get it in the shape that you can one day enjoy with your friends and family. Why not skip straight to enjoying it without having to put in the hard work yourself? You’ll have more time to focus on what means the most to you.

This can all become a reality for you by hiring a landscape professional to design, install or maintain your yard for you. Continue reading

Back to Basics: What Your Lawn is Asking For

Creating that perfect outdoor space to relax in, play in and entertain in all year long takes a lot of work. It can seem as if there’s an endless list of things to do to have green grass, beautiful flowers and trimmed trees without leaves on every surface beneath them. So we’re taking you back to basics and letting you know what you should consider doing to have the best outdoor living environment you want. Continue reading

What You Need To Know About Lawn Renovation

What-You-Need-To-Know-About-Lawn-Renovation-V.2This spring, you may be thinking, “How can I have the greenest grass in the neighborhood?” Lawn renovation can help! After the winter, your yard may be craving some additional attention, and renovating your lawn is a great place to start.

Lawn renovation can be done in three steps: thatching, aerating and fertilizing. By following these steps, your yard will have a great start for spring and a successful summer as the green grass of envy for your neighborhood. Continue reading

An Early Spring Guide to Your Rose Garden

An Early Spring Guide to Your Rose GardenPruning roses in the early spring is essential to ensure full, renewed growth as the season progresses. Roses need to be pruned regularly, and now is a great time to start because you’ll remove the dead leaves and stems, as well as any potentially damaged or disease ridden parts of the plant from the cold winter months.
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How to Care for Your Roses in Summer: Our Lawn Care Pros’ Recommendations

Summer is the time of the roses – these lush, fragrant and gorgeous flowers have the time of their life these months, charming you with their bright bold colors, their hypnotizing scents and their surreal beauty. But the scorching summer months in your area may also negatively impact your roses, together with pests and specific diseases, all leading to incommensurable damages. Today, our lawn care experts, together with their landscaping colleagues came up with a short guideline of summer roses’ care for you to take into consideration. Preserve your roses, keep them healthy and safe and enjoy a fragrant, colored and dreamy summer on your property! Continue reading

Hart & Sons Landscape Launches Redesigned Website to Improve Their Customer Experience

Hart & Sons Landscape has been offering quality lawn care services to our community for a long time now, and the one thing that we have learned from the years we have spent maintaining our client’s lawns, is that customer service is just as important as the lawn care services we offer. Hart & Sons Landscape goes above and beyond to ensure that our customers are extremely happy with our work, and now we are making it easier to request and pay for services. Continue reading

Learn how to properly care for your lawn all year round with our expert tips on mowing, watering and feeding your grass.

22 Year-Round Lawn Care Tips by HGTV

A verdant lawn makes a wonderful foil for flower borders and creates an emerald focal point in winter when color is in short supply. There are different types of turf for different situations but all lawns benefit from regular mowing, and care and attention in the spring and autumn.

Use these quick weekend fixes to take care of problem areas in your yard. Continue reading

Terraced Landscape Design for Hillsides by Landscaping Network

Do you live on a hill, or sloped area and are struggling to find a good way to landscape the area? Adding a terrace to your yard can really diversify the look and functionality of your home and allow you to make good use of the hilly or slopped space. We found a great video that explains some great concepts for landscaping an area like this. Check out this short video for inspiration! Continue reading