Lawn Care Services

Lawn Care ServicesCaring for your lawn is an ongoing task no matter the season. Hart & Sons Landscape has been providing integrated and complex lawn care services and maintenance in the community for more than thirty years and the results are visible with the naked eye. If you take a walk around you will see perfectly manicured lawns impressing everybody with their sparkling green shades and their lush density.

If you want your lawn to thrive healthy and spark envy in your friends and neighbors all you need to do is call our lawn care specialists to give you a hand from spring to winter. You may require a one-time lawn care service or a year-round maintenance project – it doesn’t matter. Our experts will treat your lawn as if it was their own, striving to meet and exceed your expectations.

What Lawn Care Services Are We Able to Provide?

In lawn care you can’t separate the tasks as everything is connected and interdependent. This is why we offer integrated services performed with cutting-edge equipment and delivered by licensed and trained professionals.

1. Aeration

This is a mandatory activity usually performed in spring allowing sunrays, oxygen and light to infiltrate deep into the soil. The operation also loosens up the soil and allows the roots to receive air and warmth so the seedlings can establish better.

2. Dethatching

Another mandatory operation, dethatching represents the removal of dead grasses in spring to allow water, light, warmth and fertilizers reach deep into the soil and boost the growth of old and new grasses and plants.

3. Mowing and Edging

A gorgeous lawn needs regular mowing and edging – our professional workers are more than skilled to make your lawn look neat, thick and tidy. The edging is achieved with hi-tech equipment for a clean crisp look. We will mow your lawn respecting all sustainability principles: sharp blades, regular mowing depending on the weather, turf varieties and specific climacteric conditions, changing the mowing patterns regularly, crop mixing and so on.

4. Fertilization

Our year-round fertilization program follows all the rules and principles highlighted by modern horticulture. We also employ organic fertilization methods as part of our sustainable landscaping program. Our fertilizers nourish the soil, keep weeds at bay and boost the health of your lawn without negatively impacting the environment or endangering the health of the micro-ecosystem, children or pets.

5. Weed and Pest Control

A gorgeous, healthy lawn cannot be achieved in the lack of proper weed and pest control. We employ on spot treatments and make sure the weeds or pests don’t return to your yard. Our services span throughout the year and are adapted to the lawn’s features and needs.

The lawn care services we offer have been appraised by many of our clients, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Ask for an estimate and have our specialists make an assessment. Each of our services is accompanied by our 100% Risk-Free warranty: if there is something you are not happy with, we will come back and redo the job for free until you are absolutely satisfied with our work!